Lugenda Wilderness Camp – Mozambique

Nestled along the eastern bank of the Lugenda River, lies an African bush haven – Lugenda Wilderness Camp.

Located in the Niassa Reserve, bordering Tanzania in northern Mozambique, the Reserve is an untouched and undiscovered 42 000 km2 expanse of wilderness.

Intimate and understated, Lugenda offers eight luxury tents, situated on the banks of the Lugenda River beneath towering fig trees.

Unforgettable opportunities abound for the intrepid traveller – these include hiking up huge inselberg mountains; overnighting under a blanket of stars; discovering ancient Batwa pygmy paintings in a hidden cave; tasting wild honey straight off ancient trees in an undiscovered wilderness expanse; meandering down the Lugenda River for a canoeing safari – all accompanied by expert guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, creating an extraordinary experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

For those with a passion for exclusivity and the African bush, Lugenda offers a unique and remarkable wilderness experience.

How to get there:

TAP fly’s directly to Maputo from Europe. LAM from Maputo to Pemba, where you will be met by a representative who will check you in for your Solenta Aviation flight to Lugenda.


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