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eSwatini lies towards the north eastern part of South Africa, with Kruger Park close to its northern borders, with its eastern fringes hugging the southern part of Mozambique. Several borders allow drivers from all areas to enter its royal lands. You will see from the map there are alternative roads, which contain borders that are not highlighted and generally much quieter. Be aware however, that roads to and from alternate borders may not be suitable for some vehicles.

The Bulembu border post on the R40/MR1 is an alternative to Oshoek or Jeppes Reef and offers great scenery as well as interesting towns of Barberton and Bulembu. There is 14km of bad road on the Swazi side and the border closes at 1600. Salitje in the south, is an alternative to Lavumisa and is especially nice on long weekends. The road is tarred on the SA side and involves about 12 km of dirt road on the Swazi side. Major roads within eSwatini are mainly tarred and generally good, allowing most vehicles to be driven through.

The Highveld in the north offers an abundance of natural water attractions, which contrasts to dryer areas to the east, offering the traveller great variety. In summer warm moist air triggers thundershowers most afternoons. Amazing views are all around eSwatini and the east of the country is ideal for game viewing. You will be made to feel welcome by eSwatini ’s very friendly people and a lot of hoteliers are into eco tourism.

You may need to get a visa before entering eSwatini ; it’s best to check before you travel. The local currency is Swazi Lilangeni at par with the South African Rand, which is accepted everywhere. The national language is siSwazi with English spoken as a second language.


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