Upendo Villa, Zanzibar

Natural, relaxed, stylish glamour right on the beach …

Upendo in Kiswahili means ‘Love’ - a unique property set harmoniously on 2 hectares of lush, tropical landscape, kissed by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean on the south east coast of Zanzibar There are three private villas (one three-bedroom, two one-bedroom), plus two additional makuti banda rooms.

The lounge & restaurant are set up to be ‘on the beach’, using large barazas cushioned in vibrant hues, creating an ambiance that allows the guest to relax, socialize and enjoy the beach views, while dining from a menu designed to suit every taste Music is essential to the essence of the Upendo experience, and an excellent selection of both ambient tunes and a wide collection of artists complement your surroundings.

Designed with a blend of contemporary architectural lines and traditional local materials, Upendo is as beautiful as the environment surrounding it.

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How to get there:

Qatar Airways offer daily flights from London to Zanzibar via Doha. There are usually plenty of taxis available on arrival, or you may wish to use our recommended ground handler Sun Tours to arrange your transfer.


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